Thursday, August 29, 2013

Adventure Games Nostalgia

The only type of games I like is adventure games. Old school! Point and click! Unfortunately these type of games are about to fade if not already faded yet. Since LucasArts was shut down, I thought that it was time to make my own tribute to give my appreciation to the company for creating us unerasable memories and fun during our childhood! This post gathers all the adventure games I have played and finished, in order for me to keep some record of my personal achievements and for the rest of the people, who love adveture games of this type, to check if they missed anything on their TO-PLAY list! Next to each game name I have placed my own personal rating for the game!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Backup/Restore Android contacts on Windows or Linux

This post follows the previous one on how to Apply a custom ROM to a HAIWUEI U8650. Consider the following steps in order to Backup or Restore your contacts on an Android device. Have in mind that there are alternative ways to achieve this out there but I am showing one of them. This post favors owners of a HAUWEI U8650. It also shows a clever way to merge multiple vcf files together! There is also an alternative way at the end of the post.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

HUAWEI U8650 Core surgery

Almost two years ago I bought my first Android device. HAUWEI (pronounced "Wah-way") U8650 a.k.a Sonic, was a rather cheap mobile but quite respectable for its specifications and performance. As time passed, and the number of applications increased, the performance decreased (usually this happens). It also had the mobile carrier's (Yoigo) custom Android version. Then I knew that it was about time to take action! After a long research, I had worn my surgery gloves and performed open heart surgery to it changing it inside-out! (I bought it a cool case too! Link) As I had to refer to a lot of websites which I found confusing at some point, (excluding the fact that most of them were in Spanish) I decided to gather all the process together into one post!  The rat-lab device belongs to a friend of mine who has a very interesting blog! Visit her blog here! ;)

Friday, February 15, 2013

EXIF alteration madness

Lately for a project of mine I had to alter the EXIF metadata of a JPEG file using Java. After googleing and improvising, I finally wrote a code sample that demonstrates how to change several metadata of a JPEG file, using the Sanselan library from Apache; you can download the jar file and source here. The code below changes Camera Model, Camera Maker and X Resolution, which are included in the Root IFD0 of a JPEG image as well as Digital Zoom Ratio and Image Width, stored in the EXIF Sub IFD. 

Notice: You will be able to view the changes from the image properties of your operating system, except from the Image Width. Use this code to view the raw image metadata.


Monday, January 21, 2013

Installing CentOS 5 on VMware Player (Windows 7)

Installing an operating system as a Virtual Machine sometimes is not as trivial as it seems. In this post I am explaining how to install CentOS 5 on the latest VMware Player, which is provided free, on Windows 7. This procedure may also be adapted for other Linux distributions such as Ubuntu or Mint. I will try to explain it in a way so that not so experienced users can follow too.