Wednesday, June 6, 2012

4 chord patterns

Did you ever notice that the majority of the popular songs (e.g. Whenever you will go, No woman no cry) use the same four chords? Neither did I! :) Not until I "stumbled upon" these guys:

If you have already seen the video then you know what I am talking about! The point is now that I can't stop thinking of this whenever I listen to a song! I grab my guitar and check if it fits the four chord pattern! And, surprisingly... it does! (Well most of the times to be exact). In order to doublecheck this, I google the specific song but only to find out that they use a different four chord pattern. But... wait!! These patterns are exactly the same, just transposed 2 steps up or similar! And I told myself that does it! I will write the four chord song pattern into all the transpositions possible. And there you have them:

Basic: C-G-Am-F
1) D-A-Bm-G
2) E-B-C#m-A
3) F-C-Dm-A#
4) G-D-Em-C
5) A-E-F#m-D
6) B-F#-G#m-E

Hint: Try these patterns on the songs of the video.