Sunday, September 9, 2012


Recently I came across Evernote as I was browsing through Google Chrome's add-ons. It is basically a web application that saves your notes and you can access them whenever or wherever you are. In the beginning I though it was going to store notes written by me, but Evernote does not stop there; notes by you is only the beginning. You can save an article, that Evernote automatically discovers on a page, save a full page (web clipping) or just the URL of a website. If you are using it on a mobile device, you can as well take a photo and save it to your notes! And the best thing is, that all your notes are in sync on all your devices!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Gus, the dragon worm

A fantasy creature which recently appears in a comic that I have been working on for a while, is taking over this post! It's called Gus and it is something like a dragon worm. I have been practicing coloring on photoshop and I wanted to share this as my first actual attempt! ;)

Don't forget to check out my deviantART account for more drawings.
ALSO, check this nice tutorial on coloring using photoshop and maybe a good tablet from Patrick Brown.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

4 chord patterns

Did you ever notice that the majority of the popular songs (e.g. Whenever you will go, No woman no cry) use the same four chords? Neither did I! :) Not until I "stumbled upon" these guys:

Monday, June 4, 2012

Vimportant experience

Did it happened to you too, to work on a code, upload it to the remote working machine, compile it and a syntax error appears? Instead of repeating the procedure for just a simple semicolon or space, Vim saves the day! For hardcore Linux users Vim is not something new. The point is that Vim is shortcut key based and it becomes a pain in the butt if you press different keys and another thing happens! This site though gives a clear and simple cheat sheet for Vim! It helped me a lot!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Recursive(ness) meets art

When recursive(ness) meets art! A crazy idea pump into my mind during a lecture! (Yes, I am totally paying attention to was is going on in class) :p I started drawing my hand and this is what it ended like! From my deviantART profile.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fault Tolerance Systems

Back in the Master days we (me and my roommates) took a course related to Scalable Distributed Systems. It's final project was on Fault Tolerance scheme on distributed computers connected together. We had to deliver something that simulated that scheme (apart from the documentation and theories). Since we had implemented it in Java and in order for everybody to work asynchronously, we had it subversioned at Google Code using the Eclipse SVN.
Lately I learned that Google is shutting down Google Code, so I downloaded the code using Download SVN tool which I found pretty cool. I think there are plenty of code for fault tolerance system out there but if you want to take a look the code is still available here.

First Post (a.k.a Hello World)

Me as Guybrush
printf("Hello World!");

The idea for this Blog occurred to me when my classmates, with which I was doing a programming project, asked me if it was possible to speed up the reading/creating of some file.
- "I can make a script to do that!", was my response.
Soon, one script over the other, they gave me the nickname of The Script Guy (which I like to be honest). Since scripts and programming are not the only things I like, I thought why not gathering them all together in a this digital drawer called Blog, where everything can fit! Its is a strange combination but I love it!

Check my deviantArt page.