Wednesday, March 20, 2013

HUAWEI U8650 Core surgery

Almost two years ago I bought my first Android device. HAUWEI (pronounced "Wah-way") U8650 a.k.a Sonic, was a rather cheap mobile but quite respectable for its specifications and performance. As time passed, and the number of applications increased, the performance decreased (usually this happens). It also had the mobile carrier's (Yoigo) custom Android version. Then I knew that it was about time to take action! After a long research, I had worn my surgery gloves and performed open heart surgery to it changing it inside-out! (I bought it a cool case too! Link) As I had to refer to a lot of websites which I found confusing at some point, (excluding the fact that most of them were in Spanish) I decided to gather all the process together into one post!  The rat-lab device belongs to a friend of mine who has a very interesting blog! Visit her blog here! ;)