Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Barcelona's Secret Places

Ah.. Barcelona… Estrella, the football team, Gaudi, paella, crema catalane and more..
Living two years in Barcelona (for studies) were not enough to see everything. Believe it or not I am so angry to myself for not visiting ALL the places Barcelona has to offer. Well, I must not be too strict to myself, I’ve done a lot.
This post covers all the basics of Barcelona plus some secret places and awesome stuff to do from my point of view (this means that you will find almost all the things I liked about BCN).
I will try to make it as interesting and clear as possible, categorizing the places into the different areas. 
**Spoiler Geek Alert: Contains Comic Book stores!**

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Adventure Games Nostalgia

The only type of games I like is adventure games. Old school! Point and click! Unfortunately these type of games are about to fade if not already faded yet. Since LucasArts was shut down, I thought that it was time to make my own tribute to give my appreciation to the company for creating us unerasable memories and fun during our childhood! This post gathers all the adventure games I have played and finished, in order for me to keep some record of my personal achievements and for the rest of the people, who love adveture games of this type, to check if they missed anything on their TO-PLAY list! Next to each game name I have placed my own personal rating for the game!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Backup/Restore Android contacts on Windows or Linux

This post follows the previous one on how to Apply a custom ROM to a HAIWUEI U8650. Consider the following steps in order to Backup or Restore your contacts on an Android device. Have in mind that there are alternative ways to achieve this out there but I am showing one of them. This post favors owners of a HAUWEI U8650. It also shows a clever way to merge multiple vcf files together! There is also an alternative way at the end of the post.