Sunday, September 9, 2012


Recently I came across Evernote as I was browsing through Google Chrome's add-ons. It is basically a web application that saves your notes and you can access them whenever or wherever you are. In the beginning I though it was going to store notes written by me, but Evernote does not stop there; notes by you is only the beginning. You can save an article, that Evernote automatically discovers on a page, save a full page (web clipping) or just the URL of a website. If you are using it on a mobile device, you can as well take a photo and save it to your notes! And the best thing is, that all your notes are in sync on all your devices!

To get it work, it just takes a three-data-needed registration, in order to create an account and the fun begins! For the Google Chrome users it becomes even easier! Just install Evernote Web-Clipper, your Evernote right-hand! See the picture below.

Evernote Web-Clipper for Google Chrome.
That grey elephant farm provides also many other advantages and applications such as Skitch, that allows you to draw on your notes, to specify detail (only works for iPad, Android and Mac). For more applications check their site!